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[22:31]  BrkThruCopyWritr: I think almost all grown men can agree that 90 % of pussies are fucking disgusting looking
[22:31]  BrkThruCopyWritr: a mangled, gaping, smelly fold of flesh.
[22:31]  BrkThruCopyWritr: it looks more like something you'd bash with a hammer nevermind stick your dick in. Just saying.
[22:32]  BrkThruCopyWritr: But.. nobody likes pussy anymore, anyway.
[22:32]  BrkThruCopyWritr: Women are doomed
[22:32]  BrkThruCopyWritr: men found out how fun it is to fuck boys, other men and transwoman... and the snobby, prissy, arrogant woman were left behind.. with their gaping, smelly, mangled vaginas.